Times are tough for many. Now, while you might think of it, is the time to find and connect with people you care about.  We are operating 7 days a week as more people are reaching out for help than ever.   We hope to make finding loved ones easier with a thoughtful offer of 35% off our regular rates and a free consultation to share everything you need to know in order to get started.  Call now.

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We are Private.  We provide silent solutions that aid our clients to gain valuable information during challenging situations that require private investigation.

When things are cloudy we can help find clarity.  Whether you are a local private individual needing assistance with a personal matter, or a multi-national titan of industry, PRIVATE'S Silent Solutions are here to discreetly assist you.



Know more before you decide to date, marry, hire, invest with, contract, let baby sit or start a business.  Background checks will save you heartache, money and even your life.  Background checks can include criminal history, address history, professional credentials, names of family, email addresses, phone numbers, business associations and more! Allow PRIVATE to put together a custom background check for you. Prices start from $299.


Do you need to find someone fast? When Google just isn't enough, we help locate people you need to serve due process, locate a dead beat parent, find long lost family, and trace witnesses or debtors. Our locate private investigations are fast and valuable to helping you find people that are important to you.  We locate people through cell phone numbers, dates of birth, utilities, and much more.  When you need to find a person, PRIVATE is here to help. Prices start from $125.


Are you concerned that someone is listening?  Are people showing up and you don't know why? Is your privacy at risk? We provide bug sweeps known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) that helps find hidden cameras, hidden listening devices and tracking placed in your home or office and on your cell phone, computer or car. Prices start from $1 per sq. ft.


Preparing for divorce?  Needing due diligence before entering a business relationship?  Someone lying during a legal matter?  If so, our asset search investigations can aid your case by finding often hidden and obscured assets.  Our asset investigations locate property, shell companies, off-shore investments, stock portfolios, banks, cars, collectibles and more. Prices start from $395.


We provide computer and cell phone forensics, data recovery and IT Security. Whether you are needing to prepare for a legal matter, collect hidden data, or recover lost information, our technology forensics services can aid you in moving matters forward with obscured, hidden or lost information.  We also aid individuals in securing their communications and IT. Prices start from $595.

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